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Shea Me

African Exfoliating Net Sponge

African Exfoliating Net Sponge

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This traditional African Bath Sponge

It exfoliates, lathers and dry's nicely. It helps remove excess dirt, oil, and dead skin cells; unclog pores; and eliminate impurities from the skin Generous length, West African Sponge and Long lasting- tough net.
West Africa bath sponge, shower sponge, easy to dry sponge, exfoliating sponge, koin koin. 
You will feel refreshed and clean.


For Glowing skin. Use Shea Me-African Black Soap or Shea Me-African Liquid Black Soap


Reasons why you should use African Bath Sponge🌿

  • Feels amazing in the back and feet: The rougher texture of the towel is similar to a back scratch and feel of skin by stimulating blood flow and removing impurities that cause irritation and breakouts.
  • Prefect for full-body: The nylon exfoliating cloth removes dead skin cells, stimulating blood circulation, eliminating impurities, and unclogging pores.
  • Removes dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin.


Vegan friendly 🌿 

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